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More Birds

Birdwatching for kids: web sites

Great Backyard Birding Sites Help your Kids Learn Birdwatching

Backyard bird feeding lets you and your kids observe nature close-up, without leaving home. Whether you are just considering hanging up a feeder or you’ve been feeding birds for years, you’ll find much of interest on these sites. They're not just for kids but the information is helpful to anyone interested in birds.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology (http://birds.cornell.edu/): One of my favorite sites for backyard birding, and home of Project Feederwatch. When you join Feederwatch, you become a citizen scientist with opportunities to contribute real data about the birds you see at your birdfeeder. They also send you a full-color poster to help you identify birds and other cool stuff.

National Birdfeeding Society: (http://www.birdfeeding.org): Another great site that includes some plans for making your own feeders – either out of recycled containers or more durable materials.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center birdsong page (http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/id/songlist.html): If you’d like to start learning to recognize bird songs, this page has a nice list and doesn’t seem to require special software like RealPlayer. The page isn’t organized at all, but still fun to use. If the long list of birds is overwhelming, try the Cornell Lab of Ornithology “sound of the week” (http://birds.cornell.edu/sow/index.html).




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