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Folding shapes in 3-D

Converting between two dimensions and three - that's one of those things that comes up in math all the time. Kids have to understand diagrams and drawings of geometric solids, and often mentally fold, rotate, and otherwise transform them. That's why I like to give kids chances to fold flat paper into three-dimensional objects - I think it's easier for them to do it in their heads if they've done it in real life.

Make a Gift Box

So, here are a couple of fun folding ideas. This page, http://www.kinderart.com/recycle/cardbox.shtml ,

explains how to fold used greeting cards into charming little gift boxes. It's an easy project for young kids.

Fun Folded Money

This page, http://members.cox.net/crandall11/money/ has cool origami projects kids can do with money (hopefully play money would work too!). Older or wealthier kids will like this one.

You can find more folding fun on this page:

Box folding and Geometric Solids: http://www.biglearning.org/article-box-folding.htm



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