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Census Data - Math for Kids


This page is a great summary of the U.S. census. Use it to talk about and practice reading large numbers while finding out some interesting facts about the U.S. population.

There's great math in just the first three lines of data. There's the total population - a large number in the hundred-thousands. On the next two lines, move your attention to the "Percent" column, and note that there are slightly more females than males - interesting to speculate on why this might be so (for more information about the ratio of male to females and how it has changed over time, click on the mis-named "brief" - it's not brief, nor does it say anything about the causes for the trends, but still interesting to peruse). Also, note that the two percentages add up to 100.0 - good practice with decimals.

Then click on "map" to see the data represented in graphic form on a U.S. map. You can also zoom in down to the street address for each line of data - for example, compare the racial make-up of a particular city to the country as a whole.





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