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Charity animal gifts

Charity Animal Gifts


Donating livestock animals to help the hungry is charity project tailor-made for kids, becaue animals are such a tangible gift. The idea of giving a goat is easier to understand than the idea of giving money.

Animal donation programs are structured to create sustainable food and income sources for hungry people - you can give a flock of chicks that grow up to lay eggs. Villagers can eat the eggs or hatch them to grow their flocks.

If your kids would like to get involved, this kid-friendly page can help them decide what kind of animal to donate. It explains how people around the world use each kind of animal and how much it costs to donate one (for expensive animals you can donate a share for about $10.00). You can also donate tree seedlings.

If you'd like to find out more about the charity (Heifer International), check out their web site:


and this page from the Charity Navigator, which rates charities:





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