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How to make a mobile


Sewing thread
Card stock - multicolor is nice
Floral wire - available in craft stores
Transparent scotch tape


Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers

First, Cut all the parts

1. Cut four simple shapes out of card stock. They can be any size. Use geometric shapes, simple animal shapes, or anything you want. If you like, decorate your shapes with glitter or markers. We used simple fish shapes.

2. Cut one longer piece of wire (about 8 inches) and two shorter pieces (about 4 inches).

3. On a large table, lay out the mobile as you'd like it to look when it hangs, using the long wire for the top and the two short pieces for the lower levels. Then cut thread pieces long enough to connect all the parts, plus an extra couple inches for tying knots.

Assemble the mobile

General Instructions. Work from bottom to top. Attach shapes to string with tape. Attach string to wire with slip knots, so you can move them from side to side until the mobile balances. Make the connections in order according to the numbers on the diagram.

Detailed instructions

4. Tape a thread to the lowest shape (Connection 1 in diagram), and then use a slip knot to tie the other end to one end of its wire (Connection 2).

5. Take the thread that goes in the center of that wire and tie it on with a slip knot (Connection 3).

6. Attach the other shape to the other end of the wire, just as you did in step 4 (Connections 4 and 5).

7. Hold up the center string. Move the center string from side to side, or move the hanging pieces in and out, until you like the way the level balances. Then tape all three threads in place with a small piece of transparent tape.

Repeat steps 4 through 7 with the other two shapes and two wires. Then trim extra threads.




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