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Book Review: 38 Ways to Entertain your Grandparents

Book Review

38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents by Dette Hunter and Deirdre Betteridge (Annick Press, 2002).

Ages 5-8

38 Ways is a storybook and project book in one. Sarah's grandparents will be babysitting for the weekend while her parents are away. The parents tell Sarah and her two siblings not to let the grandparents get bored. The story tells how the children kept their grandparents busy.

What follows are descriptions of one fun activity after another, all suitable for a large age range and fun for children and adults to do together. The activities include cooking, games, and creative projects. Each is woven into the story narrative but includes complete instructions. Kids will love trying out the projects, and want to keep the book around for recipes and instructions long after they've finished reading the story.

At the end of the story, the grandparents claim, "We weren't even a little bit bored - not for one minute!"

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