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Book review - Run Jump Hide Slide Splash: The 200 Best Outdoor Games Ever

Book Review

Run Jump Hide Slide Splash: The 200 Best Outdoor Games Everby Joe Rhatigan and Rain Newcomb

So much Big Learning in outdoor games, especially the Rhatigan and Newcomb versions. There's all the social skill development, agreeing on and enforcing the rules. Then there's the fine and gross motor development, memory and strategic thinking requirements - it goes on and on. Most important, these games are fun and engaging.

The 200 games are organized in simple alphabetical order, from "Acorn Toss" to "Werewolf in the Dark." If your kids need something to do, they need only open to a random page and they'll find a game that's fun for almost any age, can be played with stuff at hand, and is easy to learn. The games are described in just a few instructions, and include diagrams or photos when needed.

I especially appreciate the way the authors encourage variation. Most of the games include options for equipment, rules, or scoring. Kids are encouraged to make up their own variations.

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