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Big Book of Magic Fun

Book Review

The Big Book of Magic Fun by Ian Keable (Barron''s Educational Series, 2005)

Ages 9 -12 (slightly younger with help)

I've been watching for a good magic book for quite some time, thinking that there's got to be a lot of Big Learning in the study of magic - the history, the stage patter, the construction of trick apparatus, and the visual thinking required to understand a trick.

The Big Book of Magic is the first really clear book for beginners that I've come across. By that I mean, I can understand most of the tricks just by reading the instructions and looking at the photos, but without actually trying to do the trick. Most magic books, even for beginners, aren't like that.

Most tricks use basic around-the-house stuff, and a few use simple home-made equipment you build or cut out of paper in advance. There are tons of tricks, all photo-illustrated both with what the audience sees and the "secret view" the magician sees.

The front part of the book is full of fun information about magic - history, famous tricks, stage patter, hints for misdirecting the audience's attention, and other fun stuff. This book would make a great gift for any kid starting out in magic.

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