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Draw 3-D by Doug DuBosque

Book Review

Draw 3-D: A step-by-step guide to perspective drawing by Doug DuBosque (Peel Productions, 1999).

Ages 9 and up

I'm told that in some countries, it is taken for granted that everyone can draw. Real drawing instruction is part of everyone's schooling and as a result, nearly everyone actually can draw. Here, drawing is seen as a mystical province of the talented. So I always appreciate books like Draw 3-D that just come out and tell the reader, in technical detail, how to go about creating a good drawing.

The book starts with simple drawings that use a single vanishing point, and moves on to more complex ones with multiple vanishing points. Each exercise leaves room for the artist's creative touches, but shows you how to get the technical details right. There are even pages showing common mistakes and how to correct them.

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