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Book Review

Imaginative Inventions by Charise Mericle Harper (Little Brown and Company, 2001)

Ages 6-10

We parents are forever explaining to our kids that they are lucky - we didn't have VCRs when we were kids and we just had to watch whatever was on and we didn't have microwaves either and TV dinners took 45 minutes. So most kids know that technology has changed. But kids may not have stopped to think that low-tech things like wheelbarrows, marbles, and even pie were, at some time, new inventions too.

Imaginative Inventions is a fun way to let kids in on these beginnings. Illustrated with wacky cartoons and told in verse form, Imaginative Inventions provides historical accounts of the invention gum, potato chips, eyeglasses, roller skates, and more. Fun facts about each invention round out the presentation - did you know a roller skater once skated backward at a speed of 46.69 miles per hour?

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